Removing Guns from our Kids!

Think about it! What is driving our troubled kids to pick up that gun and go back to their school to shoot others?

it is not warm and fuzzy thoughts for the site, the teacher or the experience had within its school walls. Think about those triggers—you might call them bullying or not fitting in or poor grades and bad teachers. We, FVYD know better…and we know how to get rid of those Triggers!

That trigger that keeps getting pulled is that ANXIETY these FVYD students experience. They are unable to adapt to their peer inequality. It results in behavioral problems. They do not want attention-- yet they think no one cares about them, but; they definitely do not want any Teacher’s attention “that their peers can see.” Often as these older kids continue to struggle, they grow to fight with their parents who continue to promote safety issues at home and struggle with them over homework. Or… they struggle with their teachers who are trying to help them. While they also struggle for their independence ---instead (and angry) they might isolate to feel better. This struggling person, with negative personal & school experiences finally becomes hopeless.

And that HOPELESSNESS resulting from this futile ongoing struggle for peer group acceptance that pull those triggers time and again. Then he buys the gun!


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At this normal middle school, a youth was screened and accepted into our FVYD program because he had functional vision issues. He also had an attitude! I was told by school staff, ‘Don’t mess with this Kid he is bad!” He had previously been held back 4 times in 6th grade and was a very large adolescent youth. He fought regularly & was suspended often. His mother was notified that FVYD could help her son. She said, “No!” She said that his Eye Doctor said his eyes were (medically) healthy and normal. Her son was soon moved to a “Behavioral Alternative” School. Fortunately, our FVYD program was there also. This youth tried there as well (and several times) to get into our FVYD program for Reading. From his first FVYD screening experience he knew we could help him.

OUR (FVYD) KIDS ARE THOSE KIDS WHO CAN NOT SEE TO READ and therefore they read without fluency and/or one-word-at-a-time. (If there is no fluency, there is no comprehension and this continues until we fix these issues for many of these 17-20% or 1 in 5 kids). Finally he got his sister to ask his teacher to call his mom and beg her to get him into our FVYD program. He finally got in and we fixed his vision, he missed the program, but; none the less he felt a whole lot better about himself---because now he knows and forever that it was not his fault he failed in school. He is a small business owner now and is doing well--last time I saw him I got a BEAR hug from this Big Young Man!

One in five children have these functional eye issues, 20+%. Fixing their vision to Read is much better than Guns with Triggers in their hands. Superintendents must open the doors to their schools to let FVYD in for all ages 3rd grade on!

Future Visions Youth Development, Inc. (FVYD) a 501c3 nonprofit organization

It begins in third grade that our children are left behind…..and NO CHILD should be LEFT BEHIND. All of these are examples of issues in functional vision movement. They are all distracting when trying to read. These 1 in 5 children work hard until they just give up around 6th grade. In all grades we will fix this as FVYD did for these youth. Children are resilient when hope is restored! They love to learn!

1 in 5 kids have these functional vision issues and many of them have good healthy 20/20 medical vision & still many are misdiagnosed i.e., ADD, ADHD & Dyslexia. So, lets screen them first for Functional Vision Issues & save a lot of time and money on other evaluations.

Or their behaviors will get much worse over time because they don’t fit in….

Unresolved Vision Issues & Behavioral Issue in our Youth That Lead to Triggers—

That trigger is pulled every time this child/youth tries to read  whether it is aloud in class and /or when he struggles hard to focus on that chalkboard then back at his book on the desk and he is lost—he  always feels  left behind, anxious, tired and angry.   Teachers care about their students & many of these kids are our FVYD kids-with vision issues we can fix. These kids/youth/ adolescents do not want this negative attention they get every day. They simply want to fit in… to be that whole person; with his/her own successful personal experience & his/her acceptance from other students & from“that” group they want to join. And…

G.A.N.G. should stand for Group Action New Gains! Instead of…the bad guys!


They come from our failure to recognize their issues and fix them. How sad is that! How do little kids grow into bad teenagers? Is it because their parents are poor and can’t afford NIKE or GUICI for their kids? NO ! Or… is it those “Adaptive, Conditioned (often bad) Behaviors” that are developed to reduce that anxiety at school, and; that becomes so pervasive in these Students’ lives because they remain unresolved . These chronic negative experiences influence all of their lifetime -from 3rd grade forward. These students spend a lot of time at school and in the school environment. It is this negative association with school that triggers feelings that continue to plague these kids for years. You can handle anything that is pleasant but what if it is not pleasant. So look harder, what is so unpleasant there—that the place makes their skin crawl and then --that kid grow to HATE all others! And it begins to fester at 8 years old….then this kid turns 16 and still cannot READ but he can PULL THE TRIGGER!

Look at Conditioning and Behaviors-

If you are not able to do something, then you might become creative and you learn new behaviors to cover-up so others do not see what might be a flaw!

3rd Grade; 8-9 Years Old

Let’s start with why do Kids Act-out in 3rd grade –oh, Attention Deficient Disorder ADD? Or, are they the class clown & trying to be too funny all the time? So, we can medicate them or discipline them for not conforming to class but what if we are missing something at this age already that a 15 minute Survey can uncover?

6th Grade; 11-13 years old-

Why do Kids Act-out as children and/or disrespect their parents and authority around 6th - 8th grade or as young teens? All the time they are chronically picked on. We can continue to discipline her/him for not conforming to the rules but that is already getting old for these kids. Or can we give them a 15 minute survey and fix the problem.

Now 7th to High School; 14-18 year old-

Why do Teens/Adolescents Act Out? Oh they are just bad kids, who come from nothing & have no future but… jail or will they be shooting someone or something? Even video gaming is now unsafe. They often also have anger problems.  

***Maybe there is a justifiable reason for this anger!  Really! We should take that second to look harder. It might be something else that is real easy to fix with a 15 minute Survey and an interested adult or Educator---ask us at give us that opportunity to help your schools.

Maybe FVYD  can relieve some of the pressure  and anger***For many It is  “Those Unresolved Vision Issues & Conditioned Behavioral Issue” in our Youth That Pull those Triggers***  from pressure and anger early on!  SAVE OUR KIDS ! …. change the classroom environments they live in and their future lifetime can hold new promise.  Do not leave them behind!