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All people expect Education to have the answers to Reading Problems. FVYD promotes Education. It restores Reading Skills to those who cannot use those skills effectively to Read. Over decades now, our wonderful teachers have been plagued with the blame of their student failings & are leaving the profession. Why? Teachers do not have the tools necessary to address what is caused by physiological issues that create “competing demands” or  learning struggles. Let FVYD find them and fix them first-then the teachers can teach all with Equality in Learning!


We are no longer whispering about... "LEARNING VISION!"

Reading will no longer be a problem for any student because Parent & Teacher alike will know the cause and the SOLUTION now.

***With Functional Eye Vision Awareness -"Learning Vision Issues”  will no longer plague 17-20% of kids & we can eliminate excesses in Assessments & Testing our Students.


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“How TO SAVE our Kids” This FVYD conversation begins with a Fishing Story!

This wonderful (Maine & every state) Teacher decides to teach his kids how to fish! (1)He gives them the tools to use . (2) He teaches them how to rig the pole, and; (3) he gets them on a bus to go to the lake. There are 10 STEP to the lake & he takes all 15 kids in his class with him so they might enjoy the day!    But…they all do not reach the lake.

At Step 3 one small child stubs her foot and falls down; she puts her head down and pouts—she/he has Convergence Vision issues at the school she struggles with near-point focus & Digit span.  LETTERS may run together or she sees only one word at a time on the print in the book. Her eyes are healthy! She ACTS-OUT (or is she thought to have Attention Deficient a disorder ADD and/or Dyslexia) and/or with her head on the desk …does she look to be sleeping in class? You may be mistaken and we at FVYD can fix this type of fatigue! Then she can just read & play or fish with all his peers wouldn’t that be nice to be equal!


Or at Step 6, The teacher notices the youth walking next to him has rigged the fishing pole wrong. So he mentions it to this youth, and; this kid throws the pole down. He also runs ahead & steps off the stones missing a few of those 4 remaining steps to the lake. He has an Oculo-motor Problem. (This can effect word group recognition & line tracking). He skips words and lines when trying to read! You do not know the cause- neither does he -nor does his teacher they think & many times it is thought to be a tantrum—who wouldn’t want to call him bi-polar? If all only knew about Functional Vision issues we might call it “Fixed with FVYD” …because it is easy to fix beginning at Step 3 when the problem begins.

Another teen that has reached Step 10 at the Lake, casts out too far and misses where the fish are biting; he gets laughed at by the others. So he STEPS BACK TO STEP 9 and now is under-casting. He tries really hard—but he has an Accommodative Infacility in his vision (Distance & Timing issues)  Many of kids repeat grades. No one knows about these vision issues in healthy eyes — neither he, his parents, nor the teacher. So he hides in the back rows at school bored most of the time through high school if he makes it. Until …he has had enough of the jeering from his peers

****Simply put - His eyes are MEDICALLY HEALTHY 20/20 but…may not be functionally-working together and/or effectively???

“Boy, does that make him madWhen he decides to take control or revenge - “BEWARE” he might find guns to be more interesting than books, because they cannot hurt him.


Then there is that 4th one (in a hoody) who needs sleep.  He stays hypervigilant at night with troubled sleep in his troubled home. There are 4 kids here who don’t fit in with their peers & that is tragic for all of us and all of our Schools. These vision issues could be that trigger for a temper or problems at school and/or the source of anxiety this child/teen lives with.

All the 11 other kids arrived at Step 10. The one (with the hoody) goes off by himself pulls his hoody over his head and sleeps. While the other 10 did just fine & had fun with their peers—but still 3 remain unsafe.

These 3 are the kids we all want FVYD to help at school and in 15 minutes/12 weeks it is all done.

FVYD wants to fix (3) of these kids vision—so their lives and future are by their choice & they have that chance to be normal and equal--- the FVYD fix for their vision requires first a 15 minute Survey at school. Call your PTA or Superintendent to look at our FVYD Educationally-supportive program.

All Kids should be Equal First!

A 15-minute Survey for any age to provide to the class— just to show all of you the data—we want to run this 15 minute Survey at 7-8 grade. It asks simple questions; is anonymous data, has all Kid Protections in place and can help Teachers, School budgets & Research support. But FVYD cannot get into that Lake without your HELP! Because few know about this Solution to Illiteracy, these (3) Kids will continue for a lifetime- to Read-One-Word-At-A-Time & we all will pay… for their Future. When they could have been Fishing or Reading! The Teachers are not to blame; it’s not their fault. Nor is it their parents fault, some of them can’t fish/read either---they work 2 jobs. These Kids try VERY HARD to be EQUAL & they all have Healthy Eyes - for many it a Functional problem….that can be FIXED. Within 15 minutes a day!

There are four basic types of eye movements: saccades, smooth pursuit movements, vergence movements, and oculo-motor movements. ...

Coordination & alignment together of these vision movement (in two eyes) supports good reading skills. The identification and correction of areas of weakness that hamper effective reading and chalk board work will positively improve all school work & improve peer interactions in all classrooms.

  • 1

    Saccades are rapid movements that abruptly change the point of fixation.

  • 2

    Smooth pursuits movement is used when our heads remain stationary and our eyes are following an object.

  • 3

    Vergence movements when both eyes focus together on the same point or object- near point i.e. print or far away i.e. point on horizon

  • 4

    Oculo-motor movements–when eyes respond to the movement of the head.


This organization is committed to bring equality to Education through the development of programs addressing a new vision both in the eyes of our youth and in the future that they see. Through this effort we will educate a nation with new vision-Learning Vision; bringing new awareness and possibilities into our nation’s public schools.

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“Once the Vision Issues are Fixed”---here is what the Kids remarked---

“Is this what the page really looks like”, “Can you Imagine seeing thru my eyes”,

and here are a few other comments the KIDS made…