Learning Vision Issues that can be FIXED.

SEATED IN A CLASSROOM where our kids live every day-those “smarter” students are often up front or in the middle & pay attention well.

For others in the Front of the Class with Learning Vision Issue:   

When looking at a book -they may blink, turn their head or cover an eye.

Sitting close to the book or near the board –might work early in the day but by noon it gets harder. Then- they might turn their head, change their body position & put their head down. Oh! You thought they were just tired! What many see look like this—


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There is nothing MEDICALLY wrong with their VISION or their interest and… they always try very hard until about 6th grade. Then boredom sets in and fatigue from trying with little benefit- it leaves them behind.


Resilient, they find hope in any positive comment- as they continue that struggle daily. They often PASS School eye-exams. Their eyes are healthy and medically normal!


HOPE is RESTORED-With a 15 minute FVYD survey. We can find them and FIX THEIR LEARNING VISION in 3rd, or any grade. Then, with their vision working for learning they can all be SMART & EQUAL!


The negative behavior related to this anxiety builds, escalates and gives them headaches and stomachaches. From this time on these kids struggle daily with peer equality. While in the middle of class, we might have the kids with oculo-motor issues hiding. AND… there are more reading issues to come in those students in back of the classroom with accommodative infacility issues and anger

And who could blame them?

And…..Thank God for our wonderful Teachers!