Functional Eye Vision issues affect reading - especially fluency. The FVYD program addresses these "learning vision" issues and resolves them.

Parents if your child is struggling in school (grades 3-12) get these learning issues resolved now, by scheduling a learning vision exam with an Optometrist FCOVD. See the Doctor with knowledge and training in vision to help your child to return to learning - an Optometrist, (FCOVD).

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There are several Functional Eye Vision issues that can be corrected—only the Optometrist FCOVD knows how to fix them. These are not Medical vision issues of pathology or illness. They are “well health issues” instead that can be worked through or you can call FVYD and we will gladly speak with you!


It is not your fault, that you can not read!

This post is written to all of those children and adults who will never read it. Most of these persons who have had a lifelong struggle in school with reading anything, do not like to read anymore because it always makes them sick. Anxiety brings that bad taste into your dry mouth and most often causes headaches and stomachaches. So I understand you do not want to read or stand in front of a class and show the others how (bad) you are.

It was never your fault!

FVYD can do something for you & for all of your teachers who will make change happen for your future! Do not blame yourself any longer---you were never dumb and you always tried so hard. I know! and now that you know that--- you can breathe easier and stand up straight and be very proud of yourself for trying so hard….you never failed, we did! We failed you! Education and Egos failed you….the problem is not medical but it is with your eyes. Find our site and look for an Optometrist, FCOVD near you. We are not in a school near you yet and you can not wait! Find the money Reading is Priceless!

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Future Visions Youth Development, Inc. FVYD, 501c3 Non-profit Organization since 1996

Interview by Debbie (Miller) Parker, President of FVYD


Please tell us about Future Visions Youth Development, Inc. FVYD a non-profit 501c3 company and what you do!

Certainly, FVYD has been around for 22 years- since 1996. Our Survey & 12 week vision/reading program will identify then resolve those problems for kids who struggle in school by first selecting the student we can help. Our FVYD program brings awareness to functional eye vision issues for those Students who would not read well after third grade- without this functional vision program awareness. The FVYD program works at ALL AGES. Many behavioral issues resolve themselves for these bored students also, once we remove the guilt these students feel from years of their past failure.

Those disruptive behaviors of these (generally bored) students disappear after bringing awareness to the child’s functional vision issues & because then they can learn. And... with the resiliency of youth & the FVYD reading program that MAKES CHANGE HAPPEN, all that is left is to get out of the Students way to learning because they have always wanted to learn and now have the ability to do so!

Now can you tell us about FVYD’s “A New Approach to Reading" program?

The FVYD Program begins with a 15-minute Survey given by the Teachers in School. That is how we find the kids who need this help “to learn to read at every age”. This program has been designed by our “FVYD Team of Optometric Doctors Certified in Vision Development FCOVD” & as an inclusion program for the Public Schools. The whole FVYD process takes 15 minutes a day for 12 weeks in school (likened to a bathroom break). Your own School Aides (who are FVYD Trained & Certified to be FVYD Specialists) will provide this program at your schools.

What behavioral changes occur in these Student who receive FVYD help?

These changes are quite remarkable and unique to the individual….the benefits are many.

Do you notice your child’s continued avoidance & resistance to his/her sitting next to you while you are trying to read a book to them or…  are they standing up and jumping around. Simply put, your child may not be seeing the same thing that you see. And, because they are not able to follow the print with you by 2nd or 3rd grade they become bored quickly especially when there are no pictures on the page!

This does not change and they will graduate from HIGH SCHOOL!


When a problem in learning has been removed and the Student can then participate in learning---life changes occur for both the Student and the Family; in the Classroom and with Authority—all Authority, but; most significantly to these Kids is their return to “EQUALITY” in their CLASSROOMS ….and With Their PEERS!   And…do not blink because this happens very quickly---when LIFE IS GOOD!

What is the first step of this reading program in the schools?

The first step is a 15-minute Survey CHECKLIST. when FVYD has a local area FVYD doctors a simple FVYD functional vision screen with a General Health check can be done at the school. Then FVYD with the schools will begin the process of evaluating the Student’s eyes. FVYD will do only these limited screens at the school. Then, follow up with the selected youth. The survey will tell both school and FVYD about all the students needs.

The Survey will tell both School and FVYD about the Student’s needs and/or suggest the Teachers watch for certain behavioral connections--- the benefits of this work are truly remarkable!

For Pre-K we suggest for the near future those FVYD & (State) DHHS discussions & Contracts. FVYD can minimize these Vision Issues earlier in the child’s life before 2nd grade by including some new games at home or in Pre-Schools. This would help to develop these eye mechanics and minimize those numbers of students who will have a 3rd grade future need for reading help. Currently, those students who have a need for FVYD help are those 1 in 5 students or about 3 per classroom of 15. Or schools can wait for that 3rd grade struggle & then effectively address the students needs with an FVYD Evaluation and/or with our in-school 15 minute/12 week (FVYD Trained School Aides) intervention at school.

Check with your school for Future Visions Youth Development, Inc. services.

If it is just the vision that causes the reading problems –how does behavior come into this?

Problems for these FVYD (1 in 5) youth start early. It becomes apparent to their Teachers by 2nd or 3rd grade that there are these few students in their classrooms who cannot read as efficiently as their other students. When all students cannot fit in with their peers, they use different adaptive & conditioned behaviors to do so instead. These are not always good.

Vision is screened for MEDICAL issues at school, but; not for the physical FUNCTIONALITY required for Healthy Eyes to READ.

Because functional vision issues are not caught, then; adaptive and compensating behaviors are developed by the youth to address his/her needs to maintain or strive for any peer equality. It is a lot of (unconscious) distracting work for these Students. These new conditioned behaviors are not always good or healthy but they often come from the Student’s adaptive practice for reducing anxiety. These adaptive behaviors seldom work for long but often are effective at that moment to remove these students from being judged by their peers as “less than or not equal to”.