The Simple Truth

Conflicts of Interest in Reading Equality Exist

These Issues affect - both genders ; Begin at 3rd grade & Last Forever

Healthy Eyes that have effective movement & coordinated functionality can make Reading fun! What Interest would Conflict with that goal for all persons?

What is a Conflict of Interest COI’s to Reading Equality for All!

It is 2018, and we at FVYD still seek the nascent (new & emerging) opportunity to deliver “ Equality in Reading to All.” We have waited too long! Currently Educators and schools are willing to compromise our kids further on their Reading Proficiency level by offering technology as an alternative. That should not be the only choice a person has! Reading books versus reading Facebook is not a great compromise—all is not equal. Reading a book, any book or paper (and/or contract in your lifetime that you or will need to sign) or wish to pick is a Right & priceless freedom that must not be compromised!

What if all Students Read with Proficiency? What a difference that would make.

If Educators have tried hard for decades to fix Reading Proficiency (Equality) then why is it not fixed? Because ---the answer is not in Education yet! Then… instead it must be a Medical problem! NO! But… let it be known that because of illiteracy there are too many chronically sick youth and for their lifetimes. Others might say that maybe the problem is environmental. Sure that is it! it must be the Teachers—poor teaching. NO—our Teachers are Wonderful and creative to have survived this long in the current environment where the blame is on them! Or… is it just “bad’ parents (and let’s not forget those low wage earners) poor parents either. What chance can these “poor” kids have?

Reading can change night into day--it can remove a person from depression and put then into a stress free fantasy that will take you away for a while---or you can learn about something you want to learn about! It is about Free Choice & Health and Wellness.

It will also help all Taxpayers by reducing all School budgets and Health Care costs!

That is the difference!

What is wrong with EQUALITY in School?

Educators want all their Students to Read! They should! It would decrease the number of students in Special Services, the number of Students with Behavioral Problems and the number of Students who are Absent from 6th grade on! And… let’s not forget those numbers of Students who are chronically sick. Remember a lot of money is given out to support disabilities & medical services. What if fewer disabilities existed & a lot less kids had chronic anxiety and associated illnesses?