The Pathway for ALL to new Hope and Knowledge……is called
Future Vision Youth Development, Inc.!

All Student Will Read With Proficiency & School Issues will Disappear


Dear (Maine) Superintendents,

Proficiency in Reading is achievable with minimal effort and great benefits to your students and your School. The impact of this work will provide new information with effective results for your selected students and with dramatic positive impact on all School budgets.

This Future Visions Youth Development work proposed for this SY18-19 is expected to result in new knowledge for Education, Educators & Teachers. It will exceed the goals of NCLB, ESSA and your School goals for Proficiency in Reading. No longer will we be blaming our wonderful Teachers. Instead of compromising our Students and/or changing (State law) for those levels of Proficiency that have not showing improvement in decades why not improve Reading levels for all those academically-struggling Students & re- enable their learning from 3rd grade through life.

We begin this dialog with a simple 15 minute Survey (that meets all Student Protection Laws) followed by a discussion.


Deborah Parker, FVYD President, West Rockport, Me.
A 501c3 Non- Profit Organization

Imagine ALL Are EQUAL

Did you know when you went to school and started to learn & to play with your peers that you were all equal?

Did you know that when you were learning to read in those big print kindergarten picture books where there is one large line of print on the page that you were still almost equal?

Did you know when in the end of 2nd and the beginning of 3rd third grade when the print size dropped and small paragraph reading began it was no longer your fault that you were no longer equal to your peers and... then your anxiety increased? Did your stomach or head hurt? Did you put your head down? Did you give up...or just lose hope!

It became OUR fault! It is the fault of all the adults who can read---because we cannot see what you see & you cannot explain it to us. What you see is different from what the others who are able to read can see. They can see the print and each word separately, and; it does not move around. For them it is easy to read!

And…your struggles in school from then on are not your fault either!


They cannot see or even "Imagine, Seeing Thru Your Eyes". You had learning issues then and still now. Your issues then may have been called disabilities or not…your issues now if they are not corrected real soon --will be due to egos and/or our neglect. Do not blame yourself or your wonderful teachers it was not their fault either.

The pathway for ALL to Hope and knowledge is on the way it is called Future Vision Youth Development!